5 min
Since our goal is 100% renewable energy, we need area to install solar panels. Integrating solar into existing infrastructure is the answer.
4 min
Filling up a 100-gallon RV tank is expensive. But the price of fun can be significantly decreased by switching from diesel to solar.
6 min
Most solar cells are currently made of silicon. But recent research has proved that perovskite might soon replace silicon.
4 min
We have compiled a list of the energy-efficiency-related tax credits and rebate programs made available by the federal government. 
3 min
Producing solar power can be dangerous to birds, but it's possible that it provides more benefits to wildlife than it does endanger it.
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"Epic Energy exceeded in every deliverable from what I had thought was a good deal by the first contractor's bid; 30-year guarantee..."
3 min
“Epic is very professional, helpful, speedy, reasonable, and they work with you until the job is done to your satisfaction..."
2 min
Despite some unprofessionalism on our part, he was satisfied with the “all around start to finish quality”...
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“My experience with Epic was just that; Epic in so many ways.  They delivered what they promised and any concerns I may have had were..."

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