4 min
Walls of windows will bring your home from drab to fab quicker than any other major home renovation. Here's why.
5 min
We have captured the exterior elements of the modern ranch style home so you can copy the look for your own ranch-inspired paradise.
4 min
If you want to mimic the Midtown Sacramento housing style, here's an easy guide on the city's unique aesthetic and how to replicate it. 
5 min
Here are 5 exterior upgrades that will catch the eye of potential buyers and add resale value to your home.
7 min
A summary of energy-efficiency related rebate programs--both statewide and by county and city--and what incentives are available to you.
3 min
For just being some glass between you and the outside world, windows can be surprisingly complex. There are several ways to arrange the glass and various types of glass you can choose from.
5 min
Whether you are looking to replace, update, or completely start from scratch, researching the types of windows and their purpose will help create the perfect tone for your home. We have compiled a comprehensive list of window shapes and their uses, ranging from your average single hung windows to the wonder of the jalousie window.
2 min
"First time writing a review, but I felt compelled to because the work was done quickly and professionally. David Hrobochak stepped me through the entire process and made it easy for me...
4 min
Frames are often made of one of four materials: vinyl, wood, aluminum, or fiberglass. Each material has different pros and cons and a different stylistic purpose.

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