Riverbank Solar & Roof Install Report #1

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Project Dates

March 29 to April 8


28 Hanwha Q CELLS, 1 SolarEdge Technologies Ltd. Inverter w/ 28 Optimizers, 3800 Square Feet Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration COOL Shingles, 5 PITCH Install ridge and trim

Sales Rep Erik Henderson

Warranty the longer of (A) 10 years following the completion of the project, (B) the length of any existing installation warranty or new home builder performance standard for the roof

Install time 11 days


Mark S. of Riverbank


Mark didn’t think that the Epic Energy installation crew was at all organized or professional; however, he did believe that “everyone evolved start to finish.” He was satisfied with the “all around start to finish quality” and otherwise gave 4/4 ratings on everything. 

Summary of Install

We contacted Mark on February 28th and were able to do the site survey on March 5th. Mark went out of town soon after, and upon his return there was a lot of bad weather, so it took us a few weeks to get back to his house again to begin the installation. 

When we finally did get to begin on March 29th, it took only 11 days to complete the roof and gutter replacement and the solar installation. Mark’s home passed its solar inspection April 16th. It took him a month or two to sort out the finances–first he didn’t receive an invoice and then the invoice needed to be corrected–but we are all happy with the final result. 

How Mark Made Epic Better

Mark helped us evolve to become more organized, professional, and better at communication. 

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