Martinez Solar Install Report #1

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Project Dates

February 7 – February 13


17 LG Solar Modules LG350Q1C-AV with extended warranty, 1 Solar Edge SE5000H-US with 17 Optimizers with extended warranty, solar monitoring system

Sales Rep Parker Daniels

Warranty 30 years

Energy Offset 100%

System Size 5.95 kW

Estimated Savings over 25 Years $42,005

Production in 1 year 7,867 kWh

Install time February 11


Vic R. of Martinez


Epic Energy was my second bid for solar instillation after almost signing with another contractor, they exceeded in every deliverable from what I had thought was a good deal by the first contractor’s bid; 30-year guarantee on panels, used higher efficiency panels, site survey and placement recommendation, and customer service from what proved to be a team committed to my satisfaction. All this and a price 30% less than the other contractor! Everyone needs to make sure Epic Energy gets the opportunity to bid and serve your solar needs.

Summary of Install

Vic was in the market for solar. Epic was able to not only provide him with quality materials and workmanship, but also a low price. Vic, however, was part of his neighborhood’s HOA–and the president of the HOA lived across the street from him. So he needed to ensure the president would approve the renovations before moving forward.

Epic sent over the necessary paperwork to the president quickly. The president signed the documents in good time, so Epic immediately began to work on Vic’s roof. The final inspection was passed without a hitch. When Vic and his wife had concerns, they did not hesitate to reach out to us and ask for assistance. 

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