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"I was overly satisfied with the instillation that was done on my house. It was done very neatly when they were finished installing the system..."
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There is no doubt that a green wall saves you money and provides a large range of health benefits. But you must weigh its pros and cons for yourself.
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"Epic Energy is very responsive, their staff knowledgeable, they are always respectful, and pleasant to deal with..."
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Procrastinating roof repairs or replacement will cost you thousands more in the end. Here are 8 signs that can help you determine if now is the time to replace your roof.
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Noticing the signs of a breaking HVAC system can help you avoid its catastrophic failure. Here's 7 major signs that your HVAC needs to go. 
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"Eric Caldwell set me up with a fair deal on a new cool roof, and he was responsive and helpful throughout the process. The crews were overall efficient and got the job done well."
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Reconfiguring the power grid would decrease the danger of wildfires in California, by both decreasing the number of fires started and slowing the progress of existing fires. California is currently considering two ways to redesign their power grid. 
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"Epic went above and beyond my expectations!  I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone needing a new air conditioner or heating unit..."
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A summary of energy-efficiency related rebate programs--both statewide and by county and city--and what incentives are available to you.

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