Wheatland HVAC Install Report #1

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Project Dates

August 14 – August 15


American Standard 3 ton 80% horizontal furnace – evaporate coil and 14 seer condenser Split System HVAC Unit, New 18” R-6 return duct, Return plenum, 9 R- 6 ductruns, New sheet metal distribution box, Honeywell 6000 thermostat

Sales Rep Mary Sebate
System Size 3 ton
Warranty 12 years
Install time August 14 – August 15


Tina C. of Wheatland


The people at Epic Energy were awesome!!  They were professional from the beginning to end of the project.

I started with a call to Mary Sabate, the contact person for Epic Energy.  She came to my home and checked the air and heating unit and agreed that it needed to be replaced.  She was very thorough explaining the entire process and showed me pictures of the project they did in her home.  She helped me with the finance and got me a low interest rate loan that was very affordable.

Next came the crew of seven or eight guys, all very professional, clean, polite and very nice.  They took the heater and air conditioner and replaced them on day one.  On day two, they took all the ducking out and replaced that with larger duck work.  With the extra attic insulation from the old duck work they used it to add extra insulation and cover any holes in the attic that were open.  They made sure all the registers and duck work were tightly sealed.  When the project was done they completely cleaned the attic.  It looked like brand new up there and was super clean.  I wish the people that built my house had that much pride in their work!!

When they removed the old air conditioner from the back patio, the cement was all cracked from the weight of the air conditioner.  They placed a plastic stand on top of the cement and then attached the air conditioner to the stand.  The worker was not satisfied with the way it looked.  We had just finished putting in a new fence in the backyard.  He asked if he could use one of the leftover fence boards.  We said yes and he proceeded to cut the board and attach it to the base of the plastic base to create a wooden frame for the base of the air conditioner.   It looks so nice like that.  I can’t believe he went the extra mile to do that, just to make it look pretty!!!

Epic went above and beyond my expectations!  I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone needing a new air conditioner or heating unit.  Every step of the project was done quickly and professionally.  They made everything really easy and I had no worries. I also felt the price quoted to me for the entire project was low compared to some of the other companies out there.
An aerial image of a Wheatland neighborhood.

Summary of Install

Mary Sabate was in contact with Tina from the very beginning and agreed with Tina that her home was in need of a new HVAC system. Within the next week, a crew came to take out the old system and replace it with Epic’s, which would be more energy efficient. 

Epic took every initiative to go the extra mile for Tina, such as bolstering up her attic insulation, and putting her contract into plain English so she knew exactly what she was getting without any legal lingo.

The installation process took only two days. In November, the final inspection was done; there were no issues with the unit. 

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