5 Reasons to Live in Modern Luxury with Walls of Windows

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Why continue living in the darkened squalor of a 1970s home layout when you could be thriving in a modern palace? One of the quickest ways into the luxury you deserve is with tons of windows. 

Walls of windows will bring your home from drab to fab quicker than any other major home renovation. So if you’re ready for a drastic change, knock out the floral-wallpapered walls and replace them with windows


An image of floor-to-ceiling windows looking out into a forest.

Looking for that contemporary vibe that you see on all the gorgeous celebrity mansion on HGTV? Walls of windows are the most integral piece in capturing the elusive modern aesthetic

Floor-to-ceiling windows don’t leave much space for window trim. This adds to the “modern house” feel, which focuses on minimalism in grandeur. With limited trim to intervene with the siding, the home is just as magnificently simple as the modernists prescribed.

Modern homes are highly valued in today’s market. So replacing a wall with windows can increase your home’s resale value and result in a significant ROI. However, the window walls should be placed strategically so that privacy and security are not lost.

Make Your Home Feel Big

The illusion of expense is a large part of the modern aesthetic. And nothing screams expense quite like the size of a house as a whole. 

Another image of floor-to-ceiling windows looking over a forest.

Windows, especially when spanning an entire wall, make the room feel wider and more open. Big, open spaces are warm, inviting, and comforting to homeowners and guests alike. 

And don’t stop with just your wall! Skylights are a great way to lengthen the room while adding tons of natural light.

To continue making the room feel wider in addition to the windows, consider using lighter color schemes and filling the room with reflective surfaces such as mirrors and vases. 

Bring the Outside In

An image of floor-to-ceiling walls looking out over a snowy mountain.

Since the beginning of time, people have been bringing in flowers from the meadows, rocks from rivers, and seashells from beaches. The human desire to bring nature inside our homes has not changed. 

Even houseplants are filling up empty spaces everywhere in modern homes, as a way to bring nature inside an otherwise clinical space.

If you lack a green thumb, melding the outside with the inside is as simple as a wall of windows. The windows will draw in the natural surroundings and make them a part of your everyday scenic views. 

Additionally, natural light is the cornerstone to the modern aesthetic. Modern homes are not lit with glaring LEDs or creepy yellow horror movie lights, but with the natural brilliancy of the sun. 

Energy Efficiency

An image of tall windows looking out into a yard.

Energy bills only seem to be getting higher with every year. So cutting back on energy usage is important to every homeowner. Having tons of windows will increase your home’s natural light, so your lamps will not need to be on nearly as much. 

In the winter, the constant access to the sun will help not only with lighting, but also with heating your home. This passive heating technique aids in lowering HVAC expenditures by using the raw power of the sun to heat the home instead. 

Some windows will not allow heat transfer, which would be preferable in warmer climates. Decide what type of window is best for you and your climate to ensure you are being as energy efficient as possible. 

Health Benefits

A wall fo windows looking out over a patio with a beautiful view of snowy mountains.

The sun energizes nearly every living thing–and humans are not excluded. While we don’t rely on it in the same way as plants, the sun offers us many benefits that can be obtained simply by installing more windows.

Natural light gives us access to more vitamin D storage, improves vision and productivity, limits effects of depression, and increases the quality of sleep. 

Doctors suggest we get at LEAST 30 minutes of sunlight a day. Having constant access to natural light throughout a day will guarantee we soak up enough sun to reap the rewards of better health and a happier life. 


An image of a living room with tall windows looking out over the ocean.

(dog not included)

There are some downfalls to having tons of windows, such as the cost of the installation which can be quite heavy, though it does depend heavily on the layout of each individual home. However, the benefits significantly outweigh the cost.

Now that you better understand the benefits of a glass wall, look into several contractors, search out interesting designs, and decide for yourself whether this change makes sense for you.












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