6 Signs Your Windows Have to Go

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6 Signs Your Windows Have to Go

Windows play a big part in the energy efficiency of your home and comfort. At peak performance, they keep the air you pay for inside and help you maintain a low energy bill. If they fail to meet energy efficient standards, they allow air to escape and leave you with a higher bill. 

Here are the 6 biggest hints that it’s time to upgrade your windows. 

  1. Damage

Spiderweb cracks in a window.Windows are made to last decades but are susceptible to the wearing of time. The most obvious sign that it’s time to replace your windows is if a frame is decaying or rotting. 

If not taken care of immediately, a rotted window frame will result in a leaky window. A few dewdrops pooling on your window sill are easy to wipe away, but a collection of moisture fuels the growth of mold, which is a much bigger problem.

Another sure sign that it’s time to replace your windows is cracked window panes. Today, windows are often double- or triple-paned to increase durability, but they still aren’t invulnerable to cracking.

  1. Drafts

Poor installation or years of use can result in the wearing away of your window’s sealant. When this happens, drafts occur. Often, one drafty window is followed by another and another. The remedy to this never-ending spiral is either to replace the sealant around the windows, or to replace the windows themselves. 

An image of a person installing rubber insulation between windows and a frame.

  1. Fade

Windows can be a defense against harsh UV rays that, in high amounts, can drain color from objects. Older windows don’t have the technology that prevents your favorite belongings from fading in the sun. Today, the best windows can offer protection ensuring that your belongings are spared any discoloration.

  1. Operation

Windows should be a breeze to operate. If yours require excessive force to open or won’t stay open without a prop, it’s time they were replaced.

  1. Soundproofing

Windows should dampen loud and boisterous noises from your neighborhood, the freeway, or train tracks (depending on your location). If you can hear passing cars or dogs barking, today’s technology allows for new window models that are more energy efficient and sound-proof.

  1. High Energy Bills

If your energy bills are climbing and you’ve exhausted all other possibilities, check your windows. The more you continue to use damaged or under-performing windows, the more they’ll cost you in electricity bills

A picture of a person installing windows into a house.

Don’t postpone replacing your windows! Explore your options—from different types than your current windows, to newer energy-efficient models. 

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