Rocklin Solar Install Report #1

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Rocklin Solar Install Report #1

Project Dates

February 11 – April 5


28 Hanwa Q-Cell 290w Panels, 1 Inverter: Solar Edge with Optimizers Model: SE7600A-US, 1 Solar Mount and Racking

Sales Rep Travis Hall
Warranty 25 years
Energy Offset 111%
System Size 8,120 kW
Estimated Savings over 25 Years $146,733
Production in 1 year 13,041 kWh
Install time August 17


Jeremy and Diane S. of Rocklin


“Used Epic Energy to install our solar system.  They weren’t the cheapest but far from the most expensive.  Their customer service was awesome and they use quality parts and all their employees are friendly, knowledgeable, and competent.  I have personally referred 3 of my friends due to how easy the process was.  I used Placer mPower for financing and Epic Energy took care of all the paperwork and appointments for me.  They made the process super easy.  Start to finish was great, even with a couple of nit picky details that I had, they exceeded all our expectations.  If you are looking at going solar give these guys a shot, I’m sure you’ll be happy.”

Summary of Install

Jeremy and Diane were primarily concerned with offsetting their energy cost with solar energy, but for a lower installation price. Epic was able to draw up two proposals for them, both with energy offsets above 100%, and give them a quote that was cheaper than other solar installation companies. 

Once the permit was applied for in early August, everything was done rather quickly and finalized by August 22nd. Not only did Jeremy and Diane get exactly what they asked for, but they got it quickly and for a price that fit their budget. 

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