Stockton Solar Install Report #1

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Stockton Solar Install Report #1

Project Dates

July 11 – September 27


32 LONGi Solar Modules (LR6-60-295M), 9.44 kW system, 1 Solar Edge Inverter (SE7600A-US) with 32 Optimizers

Sales Rep Utah Office
MaterialsWarranty: 25 years
System Size 9.44 kW
Install time August 14


John R. of Stockton


“Best thing I’ve done for my home improvements. Fast, easy, and very informative.”

Summary of Install

Part of John’s solar installation was a Main Panel Upgrade (MPU) which would help him monitor the energy from his solar panels better. PG&E would not let us go over the 100 amp limit, as the panel could not handle more power, so we were able to install one that was 100 amps, but that had a 125 amp buss rating.

The solar installation and the MPU were within a week of each other and both projects were completed in one day. They did both require energy to be cut off to the house while Epic’s team worked on it, but John was made aware of this and just happy that the work would be quick.

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