Antelope Roof, Window & HVAC Install Report #1

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Antelope Roof, Window & HVAC Install Report #1

Project Dates

July 20, 2018 – May 30, 2019


20 windows, 4 ton American standard 17 Seer Compressor, insulation, patio cover with ceiling fan and outlets, eave riser, underlayment, 29 squares of roof

Sales Rep Kandis Fox
Warranty 50 years
Install time July 20, 2018 – May 30, 2019


Chris A. of Antelope


“I have a lot to say but I am in the middle of typing it up at the moment. I wanted to get something up to go hopefully prevent anyone from making the same mistake I did and contracting with this company.

Do Not under any circumstances contract with this company. In short they don’t call you back, talk down to you and fail to pull permits unless you call them on it.”


Summary of Install

Epic Energy came in to install windows, HVAC, patio cover, and some roofing for Chris’s home. First, the windows, HVAC, and patio were completed, but all three failed inspection under Chris’s scrutiny. Repairs were scheduled, but there was leakage and constant repairs had to be done. 

There were many issues during the installation process such as unsatisfactory trim work, leakage on the patio cover, and issues with paperwork and permits. 

We kept Chris updated as much as we could, but with such a long and tedious process, we admit that communication could have been better.

How Chris Made Epic Better

With Chris’s patience and feedback, Epic Energy has reflected and made changes in hopes to never have another strenuous ordeal play out like this again on a customer’s home. We have become a better company, more attune to each customer’s specific needs, and intend never to replicate the amount of time it took for Chris’s project.

We hope that since Chris wrote his review and shared his concerns with us over the phone, his experience has been better and more of what he deserved from the beginning. 

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