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"i am very empressed with their workmanship, cleansingness & my home is very comfortable & nice..."
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These are the most essential components of your HVAC unit. If an error occurs, knowing the function of each part should help you to pinpoint the problem.
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"I wanted to get something up to go hopefully prevent anyone from making the same mistake I did and contracting with this company..."
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Upgrading your house to operate off-the-grid has a ton of benefits, ranging from power security to energy finances. Here's how to upgrade your energy-dependent bungalow into a beacon of self-sufficiency!
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The short answer: yes. An HVAC unit must be properly matched to the size of your home. A too-small or too-large HVAC system will cause your home to be humid, patchily heated or cooled, and will leave you with a higher energy bill. 

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